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Gimhae Airport Car Rental

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Ulsan, situated about 70 km north of Busan, is one of the most important industrial centers of South Korea. It lies on the southeastern tip of the country, near to the East Sea of Japan and is thus, a strategic port city. It is the major industrial hub of the country, housing the largest automobile factory run by Hyundai Motors, largest shipyard used by Hyundai Heavy Industries and largest oil-refinery of SK Energy. The biggest contributor in South Korea's economy, Ulsan, is mostly frequented by prominent officials and those working for big industries or large conglomerates. To make your traveling fast and convenient, you can opt to hire a car, as it allows you to plan your trip in your own way, free from the hassles of public transportation.

Ulsan – Highlights

Besides being an industrial city, Ulsan has few places of recreation too. Those on business trips can spare time to explore the attractions of the city. If you wish to relax after a long period of work, you can drive down to the beaches in your rented car. The Jinha, Jeongja and Jujeon beaches offer you variety of activities like swimming and surfing in the waters. You can enjoy the two popular delicacies of the region, the raw fish and steamed crabs, at the eating-joints across the Jeongja beach. The Ulgi and Daewangam park on the Ilsan beach, provide a getaway from the commotion of city, where you can enjoy the sight of city from a distance. You can go for a stroll and enjoy the recreational activities like skating and biking in the Ulsan Grand Park. Samasandong is another famous place where you can shop and enjoy Ulsan's vibrant nightlife in the neon-lit bars like 7-Club, MacKenzie's and Tombstone.

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