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Pohang Airport – A Military Air Base

The Pohang Airport is located in the Pohang city, South Korea. It serves some of the world's biggest airlines like the 'Asiana Airline' and the 'Korean Air'. The cities of Jeju and Seoul-Gimpo are major destinations of the flights from Pohang airport. Numerous facilities like fast food venues, public telephones, tour information desk, Shinhan bank and a car rental service are available at the Pohang Airport. The Pohang city is a main sea-port city and has beautiful beaches, waterfalls, shopping places and other numerous attractions that will mesmerise you. To explore all the beautiful attractions of the city of Pohang, the tourists can rent a car from South Korea Car Rentals.

Pohang Airport – Highlights

The Pohang Airport is the most convenient way you can enter the city of Pohang. You can easily hire a car from South Korea Car Rentals and stay in luxurious hotels like the 'Cignus Hotel', 'Mandarin Hotel', 'Ocean Park Hotel', 'Olympus Hotel', 'Pohang Beach Hotel', 'Sun Prince Hotel', etc. You can drive your rented car to all the major attractions of Pohang city like the 'Yeonsan Waterfall', 'Jukdo market', 'Oeosa Temple' and 'Bogyeongsa', a major Buddhist temple, located in the green valley at the foot of Mount Naeyeon.

The most attractive tourist spot of Pohang is 'Homigot', also known as the 'Yangdeok-Hwanho Sunrise Park', it is the eastern most location of the Korean Peninsula and extremely famous as a gathering place for thousands of people to greet Korea's first sunrise of the New Year. Pohang has a number of beautiful beaches like the 'Chilpo' beach, the 'Wolpo' beach and the 'Bukbu Beach', having commercial developments like bars, restaurants and special accommodations called 'Yeogwan'.

Why Choose South Korea Car Rentals?

Your travel from the Pohang Airport to the Pohang city and its nearby locations will become extremely convenient if you hire a car from South Korea Car Rentals. A hired car liberates you from the bounds of time and helps you make independent explorations in Pohang city. We offer a wide variety of cars at pocket low car rental rates and the facility to make the reservations online.

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