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Jeonju Airport – A Military Airfield

Located in Jeonju city, Jeonju Airport is a small military airport of South Korea. This airport is extremely famous for its lucky charm 'Tombstone Terry the Tiger', a tiger brought from Asia, during the Great Monk War. Before 1932, Jeonju Airport used to serve civilian transport aircraft. The Jeonju city is located in the Korean Peninsula and is a popular tourist destination. From amazing Korean food, historic buildings and fascinating festivals, Jeonju has everything to delight you. If you want to see all the attractions of this city, you can easily hire a car from South Korea Car Rentals.

Jeonju Airport – Highlights

Once you are at Jeonju Airport, the easiest way to visit the traditional city of Jeonju is by renting a car. You can hire a car from South Korea Car Rentals and enjoy all the attractions of Jeonju city independently. You can drive your rented car to all the major attractions like 'Pan Asia Paper Museum', 'Pungnammun Gate', 'Jeonju Confucian School', 'Jeonju Traditional Life Experience Park', 'Jeonju Traditional Craftworks Exhibition Hall', 'Jeonju Treasures Center', 'Gangam Calligraphy Museum', 'Jeonju Traditional Culture Center', and the 'Jeondong Cathedral', well known in Korean Catholic history.

Other attractions include the 'Jeonju World Cup Stadium' and the 'Deokjin Park', which delights visitors with its Lotus flower plants that reach heights of several feet during the months of July-August.

The 'National Jeonju Museum' and the 'Paper Museum' are also a must-visit when you are in Jeonju. The Paper museum is extremely popular for its 'Annual Paper Fashion Show', showcasing both the traditional and the latest style of Korean clothing, made of paper. The Jeonju International Film Festival brings over 50,000 visitors annually to Jeonju.

Why Choose South Korea Car Rentals?

Explore the city of Jeonju comfortably by hiring a car from South Korea Car Rentals. We offer you stylish and comfortable vehicles at very nominal rates. South Korea Car Rentals aims to give its customers the very best in value and ensures that the visitors enjoy their vacations in the best way possible.

What's Included?

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  • Liability Insurance
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