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Chungju – The 'Place of Loyalty'

Chungju is a picturesque city located in North Chungcheong province of the Korean Peninsula. The city of Chungju, also known as the 'Place of Loyalty', has produced a number of faithful sons and loyalists from times immemorial. Chungju shares its border with the kingdoms of Silla, Baekjae, and Goguryeo and has a unique 'Jungwon Culture', which is a mixture of the culture of these three kingdoms. The main assets of this city are its majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and hot springs. If you want to see all the attractions of Chungju, hire a car from South Korea Car Rentals.

Chungju – Highlights

Numerous attractions spread all over Chungju attract over 5 million tourists to this city every year. The 'Chungju Lake', a man-made lake, is the biggest Multipurpose Dam project in South Korea and is the most popular tourist attraction of this city. Another famous picturesque spot in Chungju is the 'Jungang Top'. Built by Goguryeo, Jungang Top has a central tower and a marvellous Jungwon monument.

The tourists can easily rent a car from South Korea Car Rentals and drive to nearby locations like 'Tangeumdae', 'Mireuk-sa', a Buddhist Temple site and ski resort. 'Suanbo Hot Springs' a long historical spring, located 21 km south of the Chungju City is another famous tourist attraction. Chungju is extremely famous for various events like the 'Ureuk cultural Festival' and the 'Annual Martial Arts' festival held every year. In the martial arts festival, participants from over 20 countries take part in sports like Sambo of Russia, Muay Thai of Thailand, and Arnis of the Philippines.

One of the most famous products of Chungju is its apples. They are a bona fide symbol of Chungju and are a reminiscent of the scenic beauty of the Chungju city.

Why Choose South Korea Car Rentals?

South Korea Car Rentals offer excellent car rental services in Chungju. From compact economy cars to luxurious models, you can choose a car that suits your budget and reserve it online while you are planning your vacation to Chungju city.

What's Included?

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  • Vehicle Theft Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
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